Marbecks Classical
Marbecks Classical
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Marbecks Classical Marbecks Classical Marbecks Classical
Developed for: Marbecks Classical
Project date: c. 2013
Marbecks Records is New Zealand's leading music specialist and endeavour to provide the ultimate in musical satisfaction.

After a 7 year break the Marbeck family bought back the Classical and jazz part of Marbecks to ensure there will be a Classical outlet left in New Zealand.

A ground up new build, we carried over many features from previous Marbecks web sites, and introduced a few new ones.

The site adapts to the multitude of device screen sizes available, providing an optimal shopping experience regardless of whether you are using a traditional desktop/laptop, an iPad or other tablet or one of the many iPhone or Android smart phones.

Behind the scenes much has changed: collating data from many sources (catalog, stock information), additional editing tools and reporting systems.

The site is a core component of the business.

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