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Developed for: Marbecks
Project date: c. 2005
Marbecks Records is New Zealand's leading music specialist and endeavour to provide the ultimate in musical satisfaction.

This was a ground up rebuild and modernisation while keeping true to the original branding.

Originally developed with Lasso/Filemaker Pro, the rebuild with Lasso/MySQL resulted in a dramatic performance increase, which let us add features that would not have been possible otherwise.

Customers can now tweak certain behaviours of the site, like colour schemes, number of results per page & amount of detail returned with search results. Other enhancements include: multiple delivery addresses per customer, product recommender (with adjustable relevance settings), RSS updates for all sections, Affiliate system & order history.

Enhancements to the administration area have made maintaining the site easier, while giving more control to non-technical users.

Powered by Lasso/MySQL

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